IMG_1637Renowned speaker, facilitator, activist and dedicated father.  Roger has assisted in creating a program that delivers a message of hope that taps into the potential of youth.

IMG_5744 Andrew Slater was born in Scarborough, Ontario and joined the Read 2 Rap program in March 2016. Having a love for urban music and radio, Andrew majored in Broadcasting for Contemporary Media at Durham College in Oshawa.

13100931_10156900191370068_7407798841089325591_n WHAT DOES T.R.U STAND FOR? TRUTH, RESPECT AND UNITY!TRU-GK is a rapper from Toronto and from an early age you could tell music was in his heart. For many years he learned to play the piano at the Royal Ontario Conservatory of Music. He used to rap as a way to express everything he was feeling.

IMG_4298 Terrence Thompson  IMG_5889 Duane Spencer

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