Darren G RaJah T & Nikki Steele

Introducing our newest show with  Ra’JAh T Darren G & Steele.

Darren G and Nikki Steele come together with Ra’Jah T to tackle relationships from a exciting and unique perspective! ( Scroll down to listen to the most recent shows.)

In this latest episode


Tune into this hilarious episode Darren G,  Ra’Jah T & Nikki Steele answer questions about grey pubic hair, cheating in the relationships and deal – breakers in relationships.

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Meet Darren G

 Click here to listen to more shows from the G-SPOT

Master Darren G, a wild domesticated father of two awesome kids. The thought of Tofu makes me nauseous. My only religion is hockey and babes. I am ‘the’ dating coach.
Fellow at the Institute of Clairvoyance. A Doctor Certified Viagra-free Member of Humanity. Dean of Political Incorrectness. Meth Lab Pro-Activist. President of the Drunk Lawn Dart Association. Captain of the Divorced Guys Rowing Team.


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No sex in 11 years

Meet Nikki Steele

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Foxy, fine and direct talking….. nothing is held back from this unique family chick ,that eats nothing that bursts!
The daughter of the late Toronto rock radio legend ..Terry Steele….Nikki has the same pinache on air as the fast talking , aggressive jock that filled the air waves in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s…..he was the bear… and here comes the cub!


Can we really be friends with our Ex? Nikki Steele keeps it Real in her second episode of  Keeping it Real with Nikki Steele.  


Meet #RajahTinDPlace2BeMostDefinitleee!!


What else can you say when you’re in the place to be most definitely? Always willing to chat and has an opinion on everything! He’s Ra’ Jah T!

Ra’Jah gathers the gang to discuss the issue of the day. In many ways these might be more than just his issues! They might be yours too!


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